The police took away a gambling nest hidden in the Teahouse. Most of the gamblers came from Zhangzhou.

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A group of gamblers were caught in the nest by the police. They were full of middle bus, and transferred another one to send them away. Last night, Mr. Yang, the evening news photographer, witnessed this “spectacular” scene on Fengyu Road. According to eyewitnesses, a gambling den hidden in the Teahouse was destroyed that night, and the police took more than 130 people involved in gambling. The Gambler was taken away by the police. Paike Yang junmu supply picture Gamblers bet from afternoon to evening The banker asked the chef to prepare for midnight snack. This gambling nest is located near the Strait commodity market at the junction of Fengyu Road and Huguang Road. From the outside, it is a teahouse with three floors. The entrance of the first floor is guarded by “steel mate” and there is a probe on the wall. It was these unusual equipment that attracted […]