The paid cat maid doesn't go home to do sideline work during the Spring Festival and earns thousands in ten days


During the Spring Festival holiday, most people have returned to their hometown for the New Year, and a large number of left-behind pets in the city need to be cared for.


For pet owners, settling down pets during the New Year is also a big expense. The cheapest foster care price is 50 yuan a day, and the foster care for ten and a half days is also a big expense. So "door-to-door pet feeding" has become a new "occupation".

Today, the topic # Women don't go home to do sideline work in ten days to earn thousands of dollars during the Spring Festival # is on the hot search list. It is about a girl in Hangzhou who didn't go back to her hometown during the Spring Festival in 1994, but chose to stay in Hangzhou and help people feed cats, dogs and other pets every day.

Before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, more than 10 customers have made an appointment with her for door-to-door feeding services. It is estimated that the income of the whole Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit will be more than 4000 yuan.

The charging standard is: 60 yuan per time within 3 kilometers, 80 yuan per time within 3 to 5 kilometers, and 40 yuan per time after the Lantern Festival.

The woman said that making money part-time is not the main reason for providing pet feeding services by herself. I mainly like small animals. I still have three orange cats at home. I think that some cats are poor at home alone, and I have a certain reward, so I stick to it.