Withdraw the file after 2 days of release, and change "Wandering Earth 2" to "Man Jianghong"?

The total box office has exceeded 5 billion! This year's Spring Festival festival can be described as a fierce fight and constant topic!


Whether it's the box office battle between Man Jianghong and Wandering Earth 2, the box office crisis of "The Coming and Going of Bears: With My" Bear Hearts "in the animation track crushing the box office of" The Deep Sea ", or the box office cannon fodder crisis of" China's Table Tennis Jedi Counterattack ", the topics from multiple angles explode and the hot search continues.

By the end of the 26th press release, topics such as "China Ping Pong has been removed from the file", "The cinema responded to the equipment failure and changed to broadcast Man Jianghong in Wandering Earth 2", and "Wu Jing praised" are still hot. Let's see what's going on together?

China's table tennis was withdrawn from the file, and the box office was only 40 million in two days

On January 25, the film China Pingpong Weibo released the withdrawal message, which is as follows.

To all fans who care about the movie "Chinese Table Tennis: The Jedi Fight Back":

Due to the major mistakes and serious deficiencies in the decision-making, preparation and promotion of our publicity and distribution team, the film fell into a particularly passive situation during the Spring Festival. We are deeply distressed that such a sincere work can not gain more comments from the audience. Here, I would like to express my sincerest apologies to the two directors, the main creators and thousands of staff behind the scenes.

In order to let this excellent film be seen by more audiences, the film party decided to adjust the film to a small-scale screening from the fifth day of the first day of the year, and to "fight back" on February 17. The publicity and development team will work harder to do every job, and strive to live up to the efforts of the two directors, all the main creators and all the people behind the scenes, and the support and expectations of audience friends.

By the time of press release, the total box office of the Spring Festival has exceeded 5 billion yuan, while 43 million yuan were recorded in the spot and pre-sale of the two-day release of "China Table Tennis". If it continues to be rigid with other works, it may really become cannon fodder.

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Wandering Earth 2 broadcasts Man Jianghong instead? Cinema response

In addition, on the evening of January 24, some microblog users reported that after the cinema refunded the movie ticket of Wandering Earth 2 for the reason of "equipment failure", it was found that the cinema gave the same screening hall at the same time of the day to Man Jianghong, which was released at the same time, causing controversy.

According to Observer. com, the staff of the involved cinema said that there was indeed a machine failure on the day of ticket refund, and it was also a common practice for the cinema to change the arrangement according to the film attendance rate.

As for how long the cinema will change the arrangement before the film starts, the staff said that as long as the arrangement is reviewed, the cinema can make changes, and the relevant data are also published in the Lighthouse Professional Edition and the Cat's Eye Professional Edition. She said that for the cinema, the film arrangement is usually changed on the first night, but during the Spring Festival, the staff are often busy until two or three o'clock in the morning, and the adjustment of film arrangement may also be postponed as appropriate.

Earlier, it was reported that on January 24, the total box office of Man Jianghong surpassed that of Wandering Earth 2, becoming the first in the Spring Festival. As of press release, the total box office of Man Jianghong exceeded 1.8 billion yuan, and the total box office of Wandering Earth 2 exceeded 1.6 billion yuan.

In addition, there was a little episode that attracted attention. Wu Jing praised his performance map. On the evening of January 25, Wu Jing sent a response saying that his hand was slipping.

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